Saturday, February 04, 2006

Buy Danish

No, I don't mean the pastries - although of course you can buy those too. I'm talking about products from the country of Denmark. Most of the Arab world is now boycotting Danish goods because of the controversial cartoons by a Danish cartoonist, which have led to protests, riots, and threats of violence across the Muslim world. There's a great discussion of this over at Andrew Sullivan's blog. In addition, here's a link to a list of goods from Denmark that you can buy, provided by Sullivan. And here's a good discussion on it at Beliefnet.

Yeah, it's about freedom of speech, and the whole Western world seems to be going crazy, falling all over themselves to deny that. Are they that afraid of Islamist terror?

So, buy some Danish cheese, rent a copy of Last Temptation of Christ, and read a BC comic. Be an equal opportunity offender - but support free speech.

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