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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just Put Up A Fence Around The Blogosphere

I may be the most terminally confused member of the blogosphere to weigh in on what has happened over at Too Conservative.

Apparently it’s been all over the blogosphere by now, but the facts, as reported on Not Larry Sabato, are that Vince Harris, one of the most promising teenage bloggers, was caught posting anonymously and using pseudonyms on his own website.

Jim Riley, who used to post on Too Conservative, and now posts on Virtucon, saved the IPs that proved that all those anonymous posts came from Vince’s computer. In addition, Riley accuses Vince of doing this to promote a particular political agenda.

Riley explained his position in an interview with Shawn Kenney.

The issue then gets muddied up by insinuations that Vince may be gay because he lives with his mother.

Now, this is the part that really puzzles and offends me. Vince is a 17 or 18 year old who just graduated from high school. So, until he turned 18, he was still a minor and unless he took legal steps to declare himself an “emancipated minor” it would be illegal for him not to live with a legal guardian. He couldn’t enter contracts much less sign his own note to be excused from high school gym class. So I have got to wonder what's with conservatives anyway that this is the kind of nonsense insult they've got to dredge up. Remember Riley and some of these others are in their 30s and that's what they're saying about an 18 year old?

I won't even question why they think being gay is the worst thing a person can be either. Bigotry is a topic for a whole other post about the modern conservative mind.

As for the actual, and more serious charge that Vince faked his posts, all I can say is that Vince was wrong to do that. He was immature, despite being incredibly intelligent, and he also was somewhat ethically challenged. I think it’s called making a mistake and getting caught red handed. He needs to really think long and hard about why it was wrong to do this and figure out how to build back the trust and admiration he once had.

I think he will.

The truth is that every adult, if they're honest, can think of some dumb and not very ethical thing they did as a kid that caused them embarrassment. Right now, if I were the adults stoking this thing for my own political agenda, I'd be even more embarrassed about my immature behavior.

However, the truth about the pettiness of this whole dust up and how much it's been overblown comes from Mason Conservative. This was posted as a comment he made on NLS:

"AMEN! I have never seen more people act so crazy of something that just flat out doesn't matter! WHO CARES IF HE POSTED ANONYMOUSLY! I post on Vince's site all the time, and one of his "anons" could have been at something I said. I"M NOT OFFENDED. To the people that are offended, its a said statement. This is BLOGGING, people, not National Security. The middle east is burning down (and my parents are in Israel--so excuse me for being disgusted by this whole "controversy"), Virginia needs real attention by people willing to speak out. Honestly, WHO CARES! WHO CARES! So maybe Vince didn't want his name out on every post--I can't understand how grown men and women get so worked up over this when we all have our own real lives.
And to those who are taking cheap shots at Vince, talking about living his mom and all--grow the hell up. How dare anyone even pretend to judge his personal life.
This is a fake stupid controversy that furthers the notion that bloggers are wackos who are hyper-partisans and don't care about what image we sent out as a collective group. Talk with facts and talk with passion, those should bet he only two rules. If your offended that Vince went anonymous, then your just a sad person who needs more things to care about in your lives."

Mason Conservative may be the last sane blogger standing.

As for the rest of the adults who continue to post anonymous and really ugly comments about Vince, just put up a fence and call it an insane asylum.


Howling Latina said...

Thank you for explaining the idiotic brouhaha.

And yes, I agree, it ain't no biggie.

It's his damn site; and if he wants to anonymously posts 50 times, who gives a rat's butt?!?

As for all the conservatives ganging up on "Too Conservative," I think more than a little bit of jealousy is the root cause.

Let's face, practically every Virginia blogger links to "Too Conservative."

Hell, I often find grammatically errors after I post and I go right back and change the offending letter(s).

Oh, and one final query. Why the hell did someone go snooping around Vince's blog in the first place?!? Kinna creepy, for sure.

Mosquito said...

Great Howl girlfriend!

Buzz Buzz...mosquito

TCO said...

Thanks for the explanation. But I think there is too much reading of VA blogs and too much chumminess across the political spectrum. You shouldn't be paying attention to Repukes other then to revile them. I want all out elephant/donk war. I read the Internet for entertainment and such situation will make good drama.

republitarian said...

People are taking issue with Vince posting as other people.

Tom and Sean were the real losers in this because Vince is their attack dog...Anyone want to disagree with that?

TCO said...

Ok I disagree. Well, I disagree with the whole elliptical assume-we-know-the-pretext-and-first-names attitude of the bloggers here. It's ok that y'all have a community, but have some sympathy for someone new to the scene. I just followed DKOS to the whole VA blogosphere. HAd never heard of it before.

Bryan J. Scrafford said...

Tco, I believe it is good that there is, as you say, "chumminess" across the political spectrum. I consider myself a democrat because I agree with the Democratic Party on the vast majority of topics. However, that does not mean I am not open to hearing what Republicans have to say.

As Anonymous Is A Woman said, Vince was a well respected blogger. Although I might disagree with some of his views, I respect the fact that he just finished high school and is interested in the happenings of the world. More young people should display the same interest. (I feel the need to add that I am 22. So, I'm among the young people.)

In regards to the posting anonymously, I believe it is not that big of a deal. There has been so much attention brought to it that I highly doubt Vince would consider doing it again. But if he does, oh well.

TCO said...

stone him. Do it to amuse me.