Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wish I Were Anywhere Other Than Here

No that's not really true. It's just the line in a Jimmy Buffet song about "The Great Filling Station Hold Up" from one of his old albums. I was listening to it on my road trip to Cleveland, Ohio. It's my husband's and my annual trip to the Jake to see his beloved Indians play.

We get together with a group of friends and get loge seating - yes we splurge! And best of all, we get to see and get caught up with a bunch of friends from Ohio, including one we became close friends with in Fort Lauderdale over 20 years ago when we were all in Young Democrats together down there.

So, although I'm perfectly happy to be here, I'm mighty sorry I'm missing the blog conference in Martinsville. If not for this big weekend, I would've been there because it's fun to put names and faces together. And I envy every one of you who are getting to do it!

Have fun and raise a glass for me.

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