Saturday, November 18, 2006

Janet Oleszek Will Challenge Cuccinelli

Ben Tribbett has this up announcing that Janet Oleszek will take on Ken Cuccinelli in the state Senate race next year. Ben has changed this race from leans Republican to a toss up. I think he's right.

Some of those who posted comments to his article pointed out that voters in this district voted for Davis or Wolf (depending on which part of the district they live in) in the most recent election. But the district also has gone for Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Leslie, Byrne, Creigh Deeds, and Jim Webb. And both Davis and Wolf are viewed as moderates. Cuccinelli definitely isn't.

I like Ken a lot. Every election day when I work the polls at Fairview, he's also there and I can schmooze with him all day without getting frustrated. He's enormously personable and likeable. But I think he's way more conservative than the district he's representing.

So, despite his personal attributes and the power of incumbency, against a candidate as formidable as Oleszek, it's going to be close.

Right now this is going to be one of the races to watch. With Chap taking on Jeannemarie Devolites Davis and Janet Oleszek challenging Ken Cuccinelli, we're not going to get a dull 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I agree--Ken is personable in public, but also very rigid in his views. I also believe (someone should check this out) that he is/was a regular attendee at Grover Norquist's get togethers. He does not like to be directly challenged, and is visibly struggling to maintain control when someone does challenge him.