Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wittman Wins in the 1st CD

My congratulations to Rob Wittman and my condolences to Phil Forgit.

I suspect that the 1st CD was never really ours to take. Sometimes you can't overcome the demographics and that has been a reliably GOP area for quite some time. And for a while it probably will remain so.

But Forgit ran a great campaign. He didn't have enough money nor enough time to really introduce himself to the voters and gain the name recognition he needed. And Wittman ran as a moderate Republican. Further, the RCCC threw a lot of money into this district to defend what should have been a safe seat for them. That in itself is something of a moral victory for us.

For now, though, there was too much to overcome and too little resources with which to do it. But I am proud of the Democratic candidate for running the race he did. And I'm equally proud of all the Democratic electeds who got out to help him including Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Chap Petersen and many others.

Well done!

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American said...

>>>That in itself is something of a moral victory for us.

Yes. And I wish you many similar 'moral victories' in the future!

>>>Well done!

Congratulations! I hope you continue to do as well in 2008 - you've certainly earned it!

The tone of your post somehow reminds me of an excellent book I read recently:

_The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation As a Basis for Social Policy_


The author, Thomas Sowell, is a matter-of-fact guy, a no-nonsense PhD economist who tells it like it is. I found him on a list of some of the greatest living intellects of our time. He's been around - born in Harlem in the early 30s, joined the Marines and, unlike so many of the younger, less experienced 'progressives' of today, formed his worldview from 70+ years of careful, objective observation and analysis of the world around him. He viewed the world from both sides of the political river and obviously has a clear understanding of why he stands where he does now. For example, he read Marx and was Marxist in his twenties:


He also writes one of my favorite columns at: