Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NOW Disavows Gerry Connolly Mailer

Wow! If you rest, you rust. And if you go away on a vacation for a few days, all hell breaks out and you're not even there for the fun.

Apparently, Gerry Connolly, not content to send out a misleading flyer stating that he was against the war in Iraq from its start, something largely disproven by now, has struck again. This time, his leaflet has a huge headline claiming that he has supported women's rights and fought for women's issues since his public support for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. And he appropriated the NOW logo to boot.

The only problem with this is that the national NOW-PAC endorsed Leslie. They are, obviously, not happy with Gerry's use of their logo in his mailing. Their president, Marj Signer, sent me an email asking if I knew whether Gerry actually was a long time supporter of women's rights. Unfortuntely, this was on April 20, while I was still in Fort Lauderdale.

Not to worry. Intrepid bloggers Lowell and Ben were on it. Both sites have NOW of Virginia's statement about this.

The truth came out. It always does. You'd think Gerry's campaign would learn by now, and stick to more modest and provable claims. In fact, you would also think that Gerry might try running on his own record, the things he actually believes, and his real accomplishments instead of trying to appear more progressive than Leslie. Note to Gerry: You can't outrun Leslie as a progressive so you might as well run as who you really are and give the voters of Fairfax a real choice.

By the way, I got off my plane yesterday and made it to P.J. Skidoos for the Byrne Brigade fundraiser. Lowell and Eric have great pictures at RK.

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