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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Statement of Support for RK's Change of Logo

Just a housekeeping note. Given the recent controversy about Governor Tim Kaine's endorsement of Gerry Connolly, many in the progressive blogosphere, who supported him enthusiastically in his 2005 gubernatorial race, are understandably upset with his decision. My own personal feelings are in this post.

Out of respect for the RK community, which has altered its logo to read RK, I have changed their name on my blogroll to support their decision. If they ever change it back, so will I.


Hokie Guru said...

The Hokie Guru would like Anonymous is a woman to make NLS say a few words about the NBA playoffs on his site... perhaps he could time it with the Gerry Sucks Brackets... for example, anounce new Gerry Brackets Results the same night as playoff games... it makes the whole May Madness thing more fun :-)

Hokie Guru said...

The Hokie Guru has left the same comment on NLS, but feels the power that Anonymous is a Woman has would push the idea over the top.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thank you for your faith in my powers but I think Ben will do what Ben will do. I will mention something, but Ben definitely marches to his own drummer :)

Dan said...

You will not get any argument about Ben marching to a different drummer. A tune only he can hear.