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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Left of the Hill's Gerry Connolly Interview

Bryan Scrafford just posted his exclusive interview with Gerry Connolly about Obama's speech last night. Here's a sample:
One of the criticisms that the media has been putting forward is that Obama didn’t lay out enough details during the speech. Gerry, however, said this criticism “is a little disingenuous” on the media's part as they probably would have been attacking Obama for giving a boring speech if he had gone into analyzing bills that are sometimes extremely complex. He also emphasized that he thought Obama delivered many powerful messages during the speech. The portion about how dropping out of high school wouldn’t just be letting both the individual and the entire country down, for instance, was one of the lines that Gerry felt delivered an important example of how the individual can take pride in working for the common good. He pointed out that this call for shared sacrifice and personal action was exactly what was missing during the last eight years.
There's much more, just follow the link to Left of the Hill.

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