Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jeff Schapiro Says Creigh Has Only Begun to Fight

Jeff Schapiro, from the Richmond Times Dispatch, has come up with a video that takes on Bob McDonnell's attempt to rebrand himself as the centrist candidate.

First of all, Schapiro hits the nail on the head that Democrats right now have run out of steam. As he points out, we've been on a winning streak in this commonwealth since 2001. The simple law of averages suggests that eventually, fatigue sets in and you just can't keep it up.

That's why, according to Schapiro, Deeds has finally hit back at McDonnell to rouse his somnolent base. But the abortion issue, according to Schapiro, is only one prong in a multi-pronged attempt to challenge McDonnell's likable, moderate, and easy going image. Well, watch the video because Jeff Schapiro is far better at giving his original political analysis than I am at paraphrasing it.


Anonymous said...

The election has been going on for a while. It's a bit late to start the fight.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

" of averages..." is not a law, just a figure of speech.

If the Democrats continue to fight for the citizens and produce results that move us back towards the road to prosperity and enhance our liberty, then they deserve to continue to win elections.

Here in Virginia, we have millions of citizens who are eager to vote for Creigh Deeds, if he would only reach-out for their support.

He won't get there by cozying-up to the baby-killers, or emphasizing his loyalty to the Trial Lawyers or the Unions.

He already has those votes.

Creigh must follow the path of Webb and Warner, and show the huge body of crossover voters, that he has a positive vision for growth and prosperity for Virginia, and is not, like Pat Robertson's boy, Bob McDonnell; beholden to multinational corporations and dedicated to putting more Virginians in jail, rather than to work.

Creigh Deeds will only win this election if he effectively and rigorously builds bridges to the massive blocks of moderate to conservative crossover voters.

For example, just by being polite and listening to groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Creigh could secure a major portion of their block of 50,000 votes. Yet, so far, he has stubbornly refused to say or do anything to indicate that he will support fair treatment of Confederate Heritage groups in Virginia.

aznew said...

The true reveal in your post is your use of the phrase "baby killers."

I mean, feel how you feel, and say what you will say -- it's a free country -- but if you use rhetoric like that, you ought not wonder why people from the other side of the ideological divide don't reach out to you.

Anonymous said...

Great time to get started after you have lost ground, wonder how long it would take for Deeds to start fixing the problems if he did get elected maybe after 3 years in office.