Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stupid Blog Tricks

In my continuing effort to find new and annoying apps for my iPhone, I just bought a new blogging app and now I want to test it.

Now the thing about these little experiments - my adventures in mobile blogging series - is that they have the distinction of 1) making my blog look like it was written by a two year old having a bad day; 2) it frequently embarrasses me; and 3) it probably irritates my readers because they then have to endure a badly written post and also my whining about the whole thing.

Nevetheless, because hope springs eternal that I will find the perfect app to justify my buying the iPhone in the first place and because I will be traveling quite a bit with no access to my desktop, here goes another stupid blog trick - or as I prefer to call it - "testing, testing."

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NewsCat said...

I'm surprised you haven't found the justification yet for your iPhone. It was the very first smartPhone I ever bought and I loved it from the first day. I can't exactly describe what it's given me in terms of services, but I know it's given me a lot.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

I like some things about the iPhone, such as the apps - especially Kindle - but other things have frustrated me to no end. In fact, I've started feeling guilty about whining so much about them.

What especially peeves me is the touch keyboard. I just can't get used to it. For somebody who wants to use a smartphone primarily for texting on the go (Twitter, answering email, and even light blogging) that is a serious drawback. Also, the battery life is legendarily inadequate.

Still, more iPhone owners love it than hate it.

I don't hate it at all. But I can't say I love it yet. Maybe with more time, I'll get used to the keyboard and other touchscreen features that I now find awkward.

Gretchen Laskas said...

I was just talking about this with someone today. I'll admit, I think I've waited my whole life for an iPhone (I'm still waiting on the flying car, by the way, and personal jet packs....) and I flat out adore it. But that's because I was never a text message person, but an information 24/7 junkie. (Plus, who can argue with the Lightsaber app? How cool is that??) However, I can understand how it would be seriously frustrating for someone for extensive texting, especially someone who has been working extensively on non-touch keyboards.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Yeah, the touch screen is awkward for typing, but it's also hard to scroll with it. It seems that even though I do the flick to scroll, the screen seems to bounce all over the place and if I hit a link accidentally, I've lost the whole piece that I was reading and I land someplace else. It gets annoying.

But it also has great apps and other features that I like a lot (esp., the Kindle app), so for me it's a mixed bag.

I will seriously look at Verizon's Droid once my contract is up in a couple of years - by then any bugs will be worked out and it will be even more competitively priced so I can wait.