Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gone Fishing ...

I'll be gone for a few days. But I will still be working - I'm always working, typical Washington workaholic. I'm going to Richmond, Virginia for the State Democratic Party winter meetings and their Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner. The keynote address is being given by Senator Joseph Biden. I've heard him before - years ago in South Florida. If I remember correctly, he's a helluva speaker. I'll report back what I hear.

I'm also going to do a reality check with Virginia Dems to see if there's any support for my ideas for reviving the Democratic Party. I'll post my ideas in any case, and let you all know what other activists think.

Why this is important is because Virginia is a red state with a popular and effective Democratic governor. He's being talked about in the national press as a possible presidential contender in 2008.

Virginia also has a gubenatorial race next year - and our governor, Mark Warner, can't run again. Virginia by some weirdness is the ultimate term limit state - one term and you're out. Which means you start off a lame duck. It's either a great opportunity because you can't be voted out again so you don't have to give a damn. You can go for the brass ring.

On the other hand, you become ineffective pretty fast for the same reason - you can't run again.

Anyway, I'll report back what I see and here.

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