Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Say It Ain't So, Andrew

One of my favorite bloggers, indeed a pioneer in the blogging world, is cutting back. The indefatiguable Andrew Sullivan says in his blog today that he is going to cut back his posts to finish writing a book, travel, and spend some time in more thoughtful and deliberative types of writing.

He writes:
"I know I've maddened and delighted, inspired and infuriated, provoked and calmed, irritated and moved you. I know this because you've told me in what now amount to hundreds of thousands of emails. I've made friends with people I have never met. I've learned more from your emails than I ever would from merely reading the papers. I am immeasurably grateful for that ..."

I am only small fish compared to him and some of my other favorite bloggers like Mickey Kaus who produces Kausfiles. However it's because of Sullivan that I decided to plunge into the blogosphere. In addition to maddening, delighting and infuriating me, he inspired and provoked me into starting this blog. Because of his early pioneering efforts and his unshakeable conviction that the blogosphere is the modern equivalent of the New England town hall meeting where every voice got heard and every opinion mattered, here I am.

Now, if you haven't already done so, I urge anybody who sees this page to surf over to Andrew Sullivan's incomprabable blog. Now, while we're talking about how he's infuriated me lately ...

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