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Monday, September 12, 2005

Be Very Afraid

Yesterday, I made the claim that the top tier of career feds are leaving the executive branch of the federal government rather than continue to see their work bowderlized and misrepresented by the political hacks that the Bush Administration has appointed to head their agencies. Scientists, economists, technical specialists, researchers, intelligence analysts, and even counter terrorism experts are among those who have searched their consciences and can no longer put up with seeing political ideology being put before solid research and analysis in their fields of expertise. They're voting with their feet. And because of the contempt with which these dedicated public servants have been held by the political hacks and cronies loyal to Bush, how many FEMAs are waiting to happen? How much more will our nation's security and public safety be compromised by an Administration that places personal loyalty to the President and political correctness above competence?

Paul Krugman, in this New York Times column asks the same question that those of us in the federal community have been asking, with a great deal of concern, for a long time now.

Be afraid. Be very afraid for America.

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