Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome to the Blogosphere, WeeWaw!

H/t to Vivian, Lowell, and Jim for finding this first.

William Saxman, who is eleven years old, just started a blog, WeeWaw. Yup, they are getting younger all the time. If the last name sounds familiar, his dad is Chris Saxman, one of the classiest people in politics, and William already appears to be taking the high road in blogging. He’s dedicating his blog to reporting on all the positive news. Here's the money quote:
Today I started a blog because I was sick and tired of seeing al the negative news on TV, the newspaper and the internet.

I think all the negative and bad news really makes people unhappy.

So, I will focus on all the good things that are going on because I believe that many good things are going on out there but we never get to see them because that is not what makes headlines.
Welcome to the blogosphere, William. I’m also putting you on my blogroll!

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