Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On September 11...

Maybe it's not really that strange. But I'm commemorating September 11 by flying.

I didn't plan it that way. But I'm going to visit my dad for the Jewish holidays so Dan and I are flying out later today. The holiday begins tomorrow at sundown and we didn't want to risk flight delays or cutting it too close and not getting in before sundown.

But I also think it's good, on this day, to do normal things. Certainly, we need to take a few moments to reflect on what happened and to remember those who perished. And those they left behind.

I have family who live and work in lower Manhattan. And on that day, I was stuck in hours long traffic evacuating from DC. As soon as I got home, I tried to call relatives. I called my parents to let them know I was ok. Somehow we all made connections and hearing my loved ones' voices was immensely reassuring. So, on that day, every year, I remember to focus on what I'm grateful for and to take a moment to think about those who lost so much.

But after taking the time for some solemn focus, it's also important to do the ordinary things in life, like flying, to let al Qaeda know that we are not intimidated. All acts of normalcy are acts of courage in the face of the threat of terrorism. That is our fight on the homefront.

La Shanna Tova! See you when I get back.


Phriendly Jaime said...

Have a wonderful visit! Incidentally, my parents are coming to visit me this weekend because my mother works for the the state school system in NJ, and they get a 4 day weekend for the Jewish holidays every year. I have taken a few days off to visit with them; we'll be visiting the Berkeley Plantation and we'll be signing up for a moonlit tour of the neighborhood I now live. We'll also eat, drink, be merry, and watch football. I'm very excited, as I only get to see my family a few times a year.

La Shanna Tova! Have a wonderful time, and bring back stories! :)

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thanks Jaime. Hope you and your folks had a great time too.

And boy have I got a story when I'm not so tired - probably tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I had a great time visiting with my dad for the holidays.