Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chap Petersen is A Class Act and Jeannemarie Devolites - Well She's Not

Strong language comes to mind at the thought of her latest stunt. But I'll take a cue from Chap Petersen, who is, as you shall see in a minute, a true class act, and I'll refrain from any nasty comment. Ben has the story here.

Jeannemarie, in her desperation to cast her opponent, Chap, in a bad light sent out a mailing that was supposedly a disclosure form accusing his old law firm of lobbying for such unsavory clients as Bechtel and Enron. The point of this hit piece was to disgust Chap's Democratic supporters. (By the way, Chap has up a rebuttal to her charges about his old law firm and his connection to any of her charges here)

Although JMDD is, herself, a lobbyist for big time firms, has a zero rating from abortion rights groups and voted for the reprehensible marriage amendment last year, she is, incredibly, attempting to run to the left of Chap and to run away from her own true record as a conservative Republican.

But in this attack piece, she neglected to redact the address and phone number of Chap Petersen's personal residence. She also failed to cross out reference to Chap's wife and children. According to Ben at NLS, Sharon Petersen has reported receiving a spate of hate calls, which is probably attributable to the family's personal number being on the campaign mailer. In fact, here's an update from NLS on the fallout of JMDD's political stunt:

UPDATE #2- Sources inside the Fairfax Sheriff's office tell me they are going to be doing regular surveillance tonight in the Petersen's neighborhood due to the suddenly heightened threat his family may be under. There is no specific threat yet, but the bizarre phone calls are enough to have law enforcement's attention.
Ben, being Ben, threatened to retaliate by publishing the Davises private phone numbers and other personally identifiable information (PII). Several of his readers, thinking turnabout is fair play, urged him to do it.

But a more influential voice stopped Ben. Chap Petesen, himself, personally asked Chap not to print JMDD's phone number or other PII. Good for Chap! He showed his class. And JMDD showed, well, ok, I'm not as noble as Chap or even Ben. She showed she's basically trailer trash.

You just don't do what she did. No, not to anybody. Not even to her. So, thank you Ben for not doing it!

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