Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playoff Season at the Duncans' House

Unfortunately, this is my first attempt at scanning a picture on my new computer. I've never had the equipment to scan on my home computer before. Hopefully, I'll get better at the technique.
This, however, is my husband's fellow Cleveland Indians fans, the bleacher section that he turned our living room into to watch the playoffs with him.
The teddy bears come from my collection - serious teddy bear collectors call it a "hug." I know, makes you want to dry heave. Me too. Nevertheless, I am a fairly serious collector of teddy bears and have a hug of well over a 100.
No, they are not all Cleveland Indian bears, although for some reason, my husband does seem to get me an inordinate amount of Wahoos considering I'm actually a Yankee fan.
There is, in fact, one tiny Yankee bear in there, looking absolutely appalled to find himself surrounded by all those unruly Tribesmen while his own team went down to tragic defeat. He's the small white bear with the black eyes, ears and feet, sitting second from the right, where the tip of the inflatable Indians bat ends.
However, given that the Indians now face the hated Red Sox (sorry Gerry, Jim, and Brian), I can only say one thing: "Go Tribe!" I'm sure my poor, lone Yankee bear, still valiantly hanging in, in the bleacher section that used to be my couch, agrees with the sentiment.

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