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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Some Housekeeping

Leslie Byrne has her new website up. H/t to Ben Tribbett who's already posted her bio on NLS. It's no secret to those who regularly read the blogs that both of us are big supporters of Leslie Byrne. I'm also putting her site on my blogroll.

In addition, I put up a new site called Virginia Commitment. Here's a description from their site of who they are and their purpose.

Virginia’s Commitment is a coalition of concerned citizens, homeowners, landowners, consumers and business people which seeks 21st century approaches to promote Virginia’s growth and prosperity.

Dominion Power wants to build a new 81-mile-long transmission corridor in Virginia. They say it’s all about Northern Virginia’s need for electricity. The truth is quite different. If built, Dominion Power’s power line will be bad for ratepayers, bad for the environment and bad for Virginia. We are in favor of a new approach to Virginia’s growing need for reliable energy

Worth checking out. I'll be doing some more housekeeping over the weekend, taking off the websites of those whose campaigns are over, both winners and losers. I'll be replacing campaign websites with official websites that senators, delegates or other officials may have as those become available.

No real blogging tomorrow as I'll be out celebrating my birthday. I'll be back over the weekend.


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AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thanks Whackette.

Isophorone said...

Happy birthday!

For some cool (and possibly useless birthday trivia, check out _16

Now the best way to protest Dominion Power is not to buy any service they sell! LOL

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thanks Isophorone!

BTW, I hate to admit this but I think my husband has some stock in Dominion Power. Perhaps we'll go to the stockholder's annual meeting and raise some ruckus there :)