Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leslie Byrne Leads in the 11th CD

I just received this press release from Leslie Byrne's campaign:
"Poll shows Leslie Byrne Leading Primary Field by 10

Falls Church – Today, former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne, candidate for Congress in Virginia's 11th district released a poll conducted by Global Strategy Group that shows her leading her opponents, Gerry Connolly and Doug Denneny by a wide margin.

The poll, that surveyed 400 voters in the 11th district, showed Byrne with a commanding 10 point lead over her nearest opponent, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chair Gerry Connolly. The poll shows that both Byrne and Connolly are known by over 90% of the electorate. Byrne's lead is particularly significant considering that Connolly just finished spending 1.1 million dollars in his re-election campaign for Chairman on November 6th.

'I'm honored to have the support of voters throughout the 11th district. Having served as a member of Congress, I know better than anyone the challenges we face and how fresh, honest, progressive leadership can bring about real change in Washington. I look forward to a spirited campaign and, most of all, again having the honor of returning to Congress on behalf of the families in the 11th Congressional District.' "
In addition, in a letter that I received yesterday from Leslie, I found out that the Byrne campaign has met its first quarter fundraising goal of $100,000.

It appears that Leslie is on track to win the primary and take that victory all the way to Congress in November 2008.

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