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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marching in the Official Inaugural Picket Line Yesterday

They came! All three gubernatorial candidates and one of the candidates for LG. They came bearing gifts and sustenance to cold and hungry picketers and one walked the picket line.

The first to arrive was Terry McAuliffe, passing out steaming cups of coffee and chocolate chip cookies. Then Creigh Deeds, also with coffee and cookies, showed up. Brian Moran grabbed a sign and joined the line of marchers. So did longtime Democratic activist and fund raiser Mame Reilly. Jody Wagner brought popcorn for picketers. And Rabbi Bruce Aft of Adat Reyim blessed the group, which was 200 strong, and spoke of social justice for workers.

They came and remembered their working class roots and their core party values. They came to be with us in nearly freezing weather for two hours before heading off to dress for more glamourous Inaugural Balls.

Terry McAuliffe passing out coffee and cookies to picketers (the woman in the line directly across from him is Mame Reilly)

Creigh Deeds handing out coffee

Brian Moran is all smiles as he marches with demonstraters. He grabbed a sign too, although it's not pictured here.

Jody Wagner handing out bags of popcorn.

Rabbi Bruce Aft, of Adat Reyim, getting ready to bless the crowd.

Finally, this sign says it all. Until the workers have their contract restored!

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