Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Richmond Mayor Endorses Brian Moran

Brian Moran picked up the endorsement of Richmond's mayor, Dwight Jones. Here's the release from the Moran campaign:

RICHMOND – Today, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones is announcing his endorsement of Brian Moran for Governor of Virginia. Jones is a minister and the former Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus. In endorsing Moran, Jones cited Moran’s long record of fighting for working families, ensuring equal opportunity for every Virginian, and championing civil rights.

“Brian has a long, proven record of fighting hard for working families in Virginia,” Jones said. “I’ve known Brian for more than a decade and worked side-by-side with him in the legislature. We’ve fought for equal rights, quality education and equal opportunity for everyone.”

Mayor Jones is the former Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus and Delegate from Richmond City. He and Moran worked together on a number of initiatives in the General Assembly, including raising the minimum wage.

“Dwight Jones is a man of character who always does what’s best for working people,” Moran said. “I’m proud and honored to have his support. Richmond is our capital city and I share Mayor Jones’s commitment to strengthening Richmond’s economy, protecting communities and making sure everyone has equal opportunity in this great city.”

Jones joins other prominent Virginia leaders who have announced their support of Brian Moran for Governor: The Chairman of Mark Warner’s campaign for Governor, former Congressman L. F. Payne; House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong from Martinsville; the majority of elected Democrats in Loudoun and Arlington Counties; the mayors of Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News and Portsmouth; and the majority of the members of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Steering Committee.

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