Monday, March 30, 2009

So, Who Is That Angry Spud?

I think I know the identity of theangrypotato. I was leaning to the theory that it was either a particular blogger who was thoroughly disillusioned with the progressive blogosphere partly from some personal reasons - he's had several fallings out with other bloggers, or it was a Republican simply up to an election year prank to sow dissension among progressives.

I'm not going to give you all my reasoning for coming to this conclusion. I'm now going with the first theory and I know the identity of said angry potato. In fairness, I don't think he's particulary trying to hide it either; he left too big a major clue.

Here it is.

My alma mater Villanova is in the Final Four! Take that protestant bitches.
I know which local blogger is a Villanova graduate. You can look it up by Googling. I was going to link but since it involves an employer, I won't do that or provide his last name.


I had his name up, and it is a he. But I've decided to take it down. This is why I don't deserve to have more than the 5 readers I normally get when Ben or Lowell don't link to me.

I am fairly convinced I'm right. And I believe it is cowardly to ridicule people anonymously. But I have a visceral dislike for unmasking people and possibly harming them too. So, I did the cowardly, but I think correct thing. I know the identity but I'm not going to reveal it. One reason is because the link that does so also lists the person's employer and somebody's livelihood is not something I want to harm or threaten in any way.

Meanwhile, I have the personal satisfaction that I've solved a mystery. I've always been a fan of mystery novels.


AnonymousIsAWoman said...

BTW, normally I wouldn't out somebody. But when they do nasty, ad hominem person attacks and ridicule people, I think maintaining anonymity is cowardly and undeserving of protection.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Aw come on Karen, I was out and I missed the post as originally written.

You'd be doing this guy a favor to post his name: harassing people online anonymously can be illegal, an d some of this guy's stuff is borderline.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

I agree with you JC; his stuff is borderline. It's certainly not legitimate satire.

One of the major targets of his ridicule now has the name. He can do the further research and do with it what he wishes.

I really am conflicted on this. Too much Jewish-Catholic guilt. I was, unfortunately ruined by masters :)

PWConservative said...

In One of His postings He had a different alma mater
"I bet right now James Madison is rolling in his grave thinking that Jefferson got to build his own university (Go UVA, my alma mater) and Madison just got his name plastered on the result of the third place winning entry of the crack addicts’"

So either He's planting fake clues to screw with you or He went to Villanova and UVA

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

He's planting fake clues. He also claimed Michigan State for his alma mater.

I could believe he might have gone to one school as an undergraduate and then another for a postgraduate degree and then be claiming both as alma maters.

But three schools?

He could, of course, have gone to three or four different schools. Still, most people pick one school as the one whose teams they root for and whom they consider their alma mater.