Saturday, June 06, 2009

AIAW Endorses Miles Grant for HOD in the 47th CD

This is my last, but certainly not least, endorsement. I am very proud to endorse Miles Grant for the House of Delegates, from the 47th District. I first encountered Miles on the Net, through his blog The Green Miles, and his contributions to Raising Kaine, where he was part of the editorial team. He also is a frequent contributor to Daily Kos, Gristmill, and What's Up, Arlington.

Miles is probably the most unique candidate this year. He presents some of the most thought provoking and challenging ideas in Virginia. He is an uncompromising environmentalist, who insists that Virginians could cut costs and dependence on coal and foreign oil by greater efficiency. And he strongly believes Richmond should provide the leadership.

According to Miles, we can cut energy use by 20 percent by 2025. That's more than 6,000 megawatts of power or, as he likes to point out, the output of the equivalent of 10 Wise County coals plants. Miles also believes we could get 20 percent of all electricity from renewable sources, like solar and wind power, which would cut carbon emissions. We need to begin cutting carbon emissions by 2 percent each year and by 80 percent by 2050 in order to avoid the most harmful effects of global warming.

To accomplish these goals, Miles is also a strong supporter of public transportation and would like to see a permanent dedicated funding stream for Metro from DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He also supports full funding for the Metro Silver Line and building a trolley line from Columbia Pike to the Pentagon. On the other hand, he opposes any expansion of Route 66 or I-395. Indeed, his goal is to take cars off the road and encourage greater use of public transportation by improving service and quality. Additionally, he supports encouraging employers to offer more telecommuting opportunities to workers.

Although Miles is best known, through his blog and his work at the National Wildlife Federation, as an ardent environmentalist, he is far from a one issue candidate.

He cares deeply about civil liberties issues and promises to fight to prohibit discrimination of any kind.

Perhaps the brunt of discrimination in the Northern Virginia region has been borne by immigrants. Miles would like to see the Virginia Commission on Immigration's recommendations fully implemented. He has also called for a comprehensive study of the impact of illegal immigration on the local economy and tax revenue to determine whether the effects of illegal immigration have truly been detrimental, as some claim.

Miles also supports a woman's right to reproductive freedom and would require all pharmacists to fill all legal, valid prescriptions, including birth control pills. Furthermore, his support for full equality for the LGBT community has earned him the endorsement of the Virginia Partisans (he also has endorsements from the Sierra Club and former Lt. Governor candidate Jon Bowerbank, among many others).

On the economic crisis, Miles points out that the same energy efficiencies he proposes for saving the environment would also save the commonwealth and its citizen money. Additionally, he supports the creation of green jobs in a new environmental-friendly economy.

On an issue that is all important to Virginians, education, Miles supports universal Pre-K, raising teachers' salaries to be competitive with other states, and focusing beyond test scores. He believes a well rounded education is essential to students and he would encourage inclusion of elective classes and community service. Finally, he would encourage greater parental involvement in their children's education. He says that parents' buy-in is crucial.

In addition to his political involvement and his work on various blogs to spread his message, Miles Grant has earned an impressive array of accomplishments that speak well of his dedication to community service, including the following:
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award, Arlington County, 2008

  • Arlington Young Democrats, Community Service Director, 2008

  • James B. Hunter Community Hero Award, Arlington County, 2007

  • Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment: Board Chair, 2005-2007;

  • Board Member, 2003-2008

  • Arlington Community Volunteer Network (formerly CRM): Chair, 2006-2009;

  • Leadership Team member, 2004-present

  • Under Miles' chairmanship in 2008, the National Association of Counties recognized CVN with an Acts of Caring Award

  • Northern Virginia SPCA: Volunteer, 2002-2004
  • It is for these reasons, his community involvement, his dedication to environmental action, his concern for civil rights for all, education, and jobs creation, and his innovative solutions that I proudly endorse and support Miles Grant for the House of Delegates.


    Lee Diamond said...

    Funny, I was trying to figure out what org AIAW stood for. Great endorsement. Miles is a terrific candidate. I think he has such a great future that we'd be crazy not to elect him to the House of Delegates. It will be a great investment in the future of the Democratic Party.

    Miles Grant said...

    Thank you, Karen!

    AnonymousIsAWoman said...

    Yeah Lee, it's "lil ole me :)"

    And your welcome Miles. You more than deserved it!

    Anonymous said...


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