Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Get Out The Vote

Well, all the words have been written, the literature mailed or hung on door posts, the phone calls made, the polling done, and the canvassers knocking on doors. All the many hours of dedication and hard work have now come down to the wire. Today is election day for those participating in the Virginia Primary. We had a spirited campaign, sometimes nasty, but mostly civil.

To reiterate my endorsements very briefly:

For Governor: Brian Moran

For Lt. Governor: Mike Signer

For House of Delegates for 35th District: Mark Keam

For House of Delegates for 47th District: Miles Grant

However, whoever wins, I know that after the primary we will be united. We will go, as Democrats, into the general election proudly supporting our candidates for election

Now, go vote. Tonight, win or lose, go party, relax after the hardwork many of you have done for your candidate, and know that in the next few days wounds will heal and we all will work together to continue turning Virginia blue!


Anonymous said...

My guess is that folks would have pulled together pretty well for Moran, will pull together for Deeds, but that a pretty large number would NOT have put any effort into a McAuliffe campaign in the general. I heard a lot of anti-parvenu feeling from Dems here in Arlington - towards the Macker and towards Parkhomenko. dave.s.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

I think you are right. Given that my first choice did not do so well, I am very relieved that it is Deeds. I truly believe he will unite the party and be an excellent governor.

Deeds was everybody's "second choice" and that paid off for him. I suspect a lot of people in Northern Virginia made a very pragmatic and smart choice.

What also is interesting is that I think there is surprising lack of bitterness among those who lost because the winner was the one who ran the most positive campaign, which makes it much easier for them to pivot and truly get behind him.

Creigh Deeds ran a great race.