Monday, May 15, 2006

A Brief Vacation

I have absolutely nothing to say right now, which is fortunate because I am going to be taking a few days off to attend to family matters, including the high school graduation of my only nephew. Among other things, I'll be visiting Harold Ford country - the great state of Tennessee. And also Alabama. And, of course, I'll be riding up and down 81 with my James Webb bumper sticker on my car.

And then I'll be taking care of some things at home too. So I'll be in and out of home all week.

I should be on-line again next Monday. Until then, everybody have a great week!


Rob said...

I gotta tell Harold Ford is a keeper. I saw him speak at the Indiana JJ Dinner and he rocked. Well-spoken, articulate and passionate... He even gave his tacit endorsement to my man, Sen Bayh's presumptive 2008 presidential bid by volunteering to be his finance chair. Outstanding!

You can read a blow-by-blow of the event at

WorriedDem said...

The facts need to begin to come out on Senate candidate Harris Miller. I hope that everyone reading this will email some of the below facts to Democrats they know. This is a grassroots campaign. The grassroots will make the difference in this race. God forbid this man should become the nominee because he's got $50 million dollars and can afford more ads than Webb. Allen's people are drooling at the thought.


Harris Miller is a highly connected corporate lobbyist and Washington insider who has supported some of the most conservative Republicans in Congress and praised President Bush.

Miller supported John Ashcroft’s nomination. He gave $2000 to Spencer Abraham’s re-election campaign, the same Spencer Abraham who is now George Bush and Dick Cheney’s ENERGY secretary.

MIller contributed to the Campaigns of Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, Arlen Specter, John Sununu and Billy Tauzin.

Abraham, Ashcroft, Hastert and Tauzin ALL voted to either adopt articles of impeachment or found President Clinton guilty in the impeachment trial (Senate roll call vote # 17, 2/12/99 106th congress, 1st session; Roll Call vote numbers 543-546, 105th congress, 2nd session).

Harris Miller on the Ashcroft Nomination:
“Ashcroft’s nomination is a win-win because he has impeccable legal credentials and a strong grasp of high-tech policy.” (Harris Miller as quoted in Computer Reseller News 1/15/01)

Harris Miller on Spencer Abraham:
“I’m doing everything I can to get him re-elected,” (Harris Miller, Orlando Business Journal 10/20/00)

HARRIS MILLER’S CONTRIBUTIONS TO REPUBLICANS reports that from 1998 to 2004 Miller gave a total of $5500 to 6 federal GOP candidates:
to Spencer Abraham: $ 2000 (8/10/1998)
to Dennis Hastert: $1000 (5/19/1999)
to Billy Tauzin : $500 (2/21/2002)
to John Sununu: $ 500 (6/08/2002)
to Adam Putnam: $500 (2/12/2004)
to Arlen Specter: $1000 (6/27/2004 )


Harris Miller has praised President Bush for his “leadership” on economic issues. Said Harris: “The new leader of the US is demonstrating his leadership of the new economy.” (The Australian 4/3/2001)

We might not have to vote against making these tax cuts permanent if it weren’t for the lobbying of Mr. Miller. In 2001 Miller urged the congress to pass the disastrous Bush tax cuts. Said Harris: “We encourage the House to move swiftly to pass a tax cut, and the Senate to follow.” [ITAA Press release, March 8, 2001.]

And recently when asked if he favored extending Bush’s tax cuts, Miller said: “Extending the tax cuts, yeah I love the idea. I think it’s a great idea.” [The politics program with Mark Plotkin, 2/17/06]
*Compare this with Jim Webb’s recent comment: “I do not think tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the richest 1% of America are good in any context.”


Harris Miller has worked to support the Diebold Corporation and to oppose voter verified paper trails: “We oppose the idea of a voter verified paper trail” (Harris Miller, CIO 7/30/04,;558873322;fp;4;fpid;21)


Harris Miller has been called “the anti-Christ” to tech workers. “Harris Miller, aka the Antichrist if you’re an unemployed IT worker, is gearing up for a Senate run as–a Democrat?” InformationWeek 1/9/06

The AFL-CIO said Harris Miller is “truly one of the bad guys” who is “unfit for any kind of labor support.” (letter from Washington labor leader to Virginia AFL-CIO, February 6, 2006)

Mr. Miller supports the outsourcing of American jobs, a practice he likes to call “global sourcing”, a practice that is estimated to cost the American workforce 3.3 million lost jobs and $136 billion in wages by 2015.

Harris Miller defends and promotes the outsourcing of American jobs overseas. As a lobbyist for corporate interests, Harris Miller claimed that: “Global sourcing increased US jobs by 90,000 in 2003 and will add more than 317,000 new jobs in 2008.” And he claimed that: “…about 35,000 jobs per year were lost to global sourcing.” (Harris Miller, Washington Post online chat 3/22/04)

The truth is this: “Forrester Research has projected that as many as 3.3 million white-collar jobs of all kinds and over $136 billion in wages will be moved from the United States to lower cost, offshore locations by 2015.” (The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers  United States of America March 2004, Forrester Research is an independent technology and market research company that provides its clients with advice about technology’s impact on business and consumers. Note the contrast between this message and Miller’s message supporting corporate bottom lines.

Mr. Miller supports eliminating the cap on H1-B visas which brings high tech workers from overseas to the US, who work for an average of $15,000 a year less than American workers. These workers directly replace American technology workers. The last time this cap was raised, it resulted in a near doubling of the unemployment rate for American technology workers.

During the same 3 year period that the Immigration and Naturalization Service was processing 856,000 H-1B visa petitions (407,500 new petitions and 448,500 renewal petitions), unemployment among managers and professionals increased steadily from 725,000 (1.7%) in 2000; to 973,000 (2.3%) in 2001; to1,341,000 (3.1%) in 2002. (The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers  United States of America February 2003)

According to the Department of Labor the supposed “safeguards” in the H1-B visa program to protect American workers do not work. “The H1B program does not require there be a shortage of U.S. workers in the occupation for which aliens are being hired. ” (US Department of Labor, Sept 2003)

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Wow, Worriedem, that's very good. I need to investigate a way to let people do diaries here the way they do on Daily Kos and Raising Kaine. That should be a front page post.

And Rob, you're right about Harold Ford. While I was in Tennessee I saw his new commercial and it was powerful

In the ad, he is standing in front of an Exxon gas station and he talks about the high gas prices, the record company profits and the fact that Exxon's CEO got a $400 million bonus last year. "All paid for by you the taxpayer," Ford says. Then, he looks into the camera and says, "if you've had enough, vote for a new generation of leaders. That's why I approved this ad..."

It was very effective. And it's in keeping with the "had enough" theme that I think is going to work for Democrats nationwide this year.