Saturday, May 13, 2006

Silly Me

Just when I thought I actually had some computer literacy, I discovered I had a bunch of unpublished comments from readers. I just assumed that when somebody posted a comment, I'd receive an email and then I'd enable their comment to be published. For some reason, I haven't been receiving the email notifications so when I went to "comments moderation" I was shocked to discover there were a bunch of comments for different posts, going back almost two weeks.

I've hit the right button, so if you made a comment, it's now published. In some cases, I put my two cents back in and answered your comments because - well, I'm an opinionated gal.

And thank you all for commenting. Especially the ones who disagree with me. Having to consider that others have a different viewpoint is something I absolutely hate. But it does keep me honest, though not necessarily humble. I'll only look for ways to refute you, after all. But doesn't that make for more intersting reading anwyay?

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