Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More On Fisher's Column

I would be remiss in the irony department if I didn't point out that Marc Fisher used the "a" word. He also referred to Reagan as - dare I say this - "the anti-Christ". Here's the quote:

"The second variety of Democrat believes Reagan was the anti-Christ but would never say that in public. They talk about rekindling their party's connection to Middle America, but they say this with so little conviction that no one pays them any mind."

I don't think Fisher can be accused of Jewbaiting, since it's Reagan he's referring to. And it is proof, as Info-Tech-Guy, me and others have been pointing out that this is a well-known expression in common usage to describe somebody who is poison to others for whatever reason. For example, "Senator John Smith is the anti-Christ to all trial lawyers because of his spirited support for tort reform and caps on malpractice settlements."

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