Monday, March 10, 2008

Aftermath of the Firestorm

I just got off the phone with one more person curious about my switch in candidates. Actually, it was another friend who was a long time Hillary supporter happy to welcome me to their side.

I think I already mentioned in the comments section that I was pretty amazed at the response I've been getting. I'm just surprised that my opinion has mattered to so many people long after Virginia actually held its primary. There's really not much of substance I can do now to help her campaign here.

But one of the unexpected good things to come out of the firestorm I created when I threw my bomb (and I didn't intend it to be so incendiary) was that I've discovered a couple of really good bloggers. Although they may disagree with me about Hillary vs Obama, they've provided well reasoned arguments so I checked out their sites and realized I had to add them to my blogroll.

I have added to my blogroll, Too Progressive, a talented Virginia blogger who writes well about state and local issue, and Ed's Forum. Go check out both their sites.

The blogger who publishes Ed's Forum really seems to understand the economic situation we are heading into. Since discussing and reading about the economy is one of the things that brought me to blogging, I'd urge you to go over and read a good analysis of the dismal science at this new blog.

Ed disagrees with me about Hillary vs Obama and that's ok. He provided a well reasoned series of arguments that I can respect. As the old saw goes, people of good will can agree to disagree, without being disagreeable.

And on economics, he's providing some solid work that is worth checking out. Since Ed claims that he tends to the libertarian point of view and I'm more of an economic populist, we may end up disagreeing about possible solutions. I don't know yet. But his analysis of the current economic situation is spot on.

Again, these are two really great sites to read.


Ed said...


This is Ed. Thanks for the vote of support. I'll keep chugging on the economy, the housing market and what I see as the underlying reasons for the bubble and what we need to do now to extricate ourselves from what people don't yet realize will be a monstrous downturn.

You'll see that my solutions are probably going to come straight from Ron Paul's playbook. But, first and foremost we need to get out of Iraq. I heard the authors of a great book called "The Three Trillion Dollar War" on Tom Keene's show on Bloomberg. Here's their book:

Needless to say, those funds could have been and still can be used for domestic programs.

And one problem I've always had with other Libertarian's is dogma. They are so fixated on the free market. The real world doesn't work that way. So call me a "populist Libertarian," and I'm sure you'll find common ground! More to com at Ed's Forum.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Hmm, maybe we will agree on more than I thought. At any rate, sounds interesting. And, again, it's a great site for economic news and discussion.

I look forward to reading more.

Terry Carter said...

Thanks for the kind words.