Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jim Webb Endorses Leslie Byrne for Congress

A hearty congratulations indeed to Leslie Byrne, who now can add Virginia's junior senator, Jim Webb, to her growing list of endorsements. Both Lowell and Ben had the scoop.

As Tim Craig wrote in the Washington Post, Senator Webb issued the following statement in his announcement.
I am convinced that Leslie Byrne is our best candidate," Webb said in a statement. " Leslie shares my values about economic fairness and the need to re-order our national security policies - both in Iraq and throughout the world. In her service as a state legislator and member of Congress, Leslie Byrne has demonstrated time and again that she is tough, fiercely independent and willing to stand up to powerful special interests. I would be proud to serve in Congress with her."
Leslie shares Webb's passionate commitment to economic fairness, as evidenced by the growing list of union endorsements she has garnered. In addition, she has been an ardent advocate for women's rights, protection of consumers, and, as Webb said, "the need to re-order national security policies."

She will bring progressive values to Washington and represent the 11th CD well in the House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Senator Webb also had some very kind words for Gerry Connolly, recognizing him as a frontrunner and an outstanding candidate in the congressional race.

“The Democratic Party has fielded outstanding candidates for the primary, including Gerry Connolly – the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The winner of our primary must be able to serve effectively in the House of Representatives and reflect the values that are important to citizens in the 11th District. Through their service in the community and in government, our leading candidates can certainly do that.

“As the primary season begins, I look forward to a positive and spirited contest in the 11th District. As in my 2006 Senate campaign and the governor races that preceded it, and as with the recent Presidential primary, I hope we can continue to attract new people to the Democratic Party and its ideals. At the end of this process, I expect 11th District Democrats to stand united behind our nominee. And I expect us to win in November.”

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

You are indeed right. Thank you for pointing that out.

Although I strongly support Leslie Byrne, I don't agree with those bloggers or activists who want to demonize Gerry Connolly.

I honestly believe he is very well suited to his position as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

I suspect he would be less happy than he thinks he would be as a junior member of Congress. He enjoys more prominence in an executive position now.

That said, he is very capable. I just support Leslie Byrne more because of her positions on the issues. She has spent a lifetime fighting for workers rights, economic justice, consumer rights, and women's rights.

Gerry is more tied into the business community.

He's done some excellent things on environmental initiatives. But in a primary, my first support will go to the more pro-labor candidate.

Having said that, Gerry is still far, far more pro-labor than any Republican opponent would be. And I would have no trouble getting behind him in a general election should he be the winner.

The same, by the way, is true for Doug Denneny, whom I admire a great deal. I think he is a very promising newcomer to Fairfax Democratic politics and I welcome his input.

But until the people speak, I will continue to support and work for Leslie Byrne!