Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary: No Way, No How, No McCain!

Josh has a report on the reaction to Hillary Clinton's speech up on RK. She was truly amazing last night. As others have already pointed out, she totally destroyed the mainstream media's narrative that she could only lose - either endorse Obama and end the "Clinton era" of politics or withold her enthusiasm and end up the hated party spoiler. She chose a third way: Blow one out of the ballpark, unite the party, ignite energy and enthusiasm, and deliver her supporters to Obama. And end up much beloved by the entire party.

She asked her supporters the pointed question, did you do this for me or for what we believe? And she reminded them of all the things we all who supported her truly stand for, equal pay for equal work, better and safer working conditions, equal opportunity for all and the abiding faith that each child can develop his or her God given talents and achieve his/her dream. The American Dream!

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