Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Straight Talk From the Obama Campaign

Here's some real straight talk about McCain's mendacious commercials:

The problem is Obama needs to do better than this. He needs a real television commercial, which plays in the same markets as McCain's ad, calling his opponent out for his lies.

I understand Obama's reluctance to "go negative" because it doesn't fit with the message of a post-partisan campaign that seeks to unify rather than divide the country. Obama also is trying to stick to the high road. I respect that.

But we've seen this play before and it never ends happily for Democrats when they cede the game to the Republican Rovian spin machine. Obama was right to not throw the first punch and even to show restrain in responding. But it's time to take the gloves off and call a lie a lie. And it's time to start throwing some sharp questions McCain's way.

I'm not talking about mudslinging and character assassination, although McCain's campaign seems to lack no shame in engaging in just that. But it is fair to question the commitment to the truth and the character of a man who approves a message full of lies and half truths. It's past time to call it like it is in a well crafted and visually engaging ad.

And this rebuttal, as earnest and well meaning as it is, just isn't it. Get serious!


John Frum said...

I agree with you: the Obama campaign must take off the gloves and pound McCain relentlessly. Calling McCain a damn liar would be a good start. Luckily, Obama has folks like us who don't mind telling our fellow voters how we really feel. I just hate to mince words!

Isophorone said...

This is all quite funny coming from a supporter of the Clinton spin machine!