Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vice Presidential Fever In Virginia

We've all got it. RK now has two different posts devoted to the subject, here and here. Ben is in despair with this. I've done my fair share of speculation. And Bearing Drift weighs in with this and this.

One way or another, lots of Virginia bloggers on both sides of the aisle think Obama is going to pick Kaine because of the convergence of two facts. First, the Obama campaign has stated that the announcement will be no later than Friday but could come as early as tomorrow. Then, Obama is scheduled to be in Virginia tomorrow and Thursday. Also, Joe Biden today said that he's not the man. Hopefully, we'll know by tomorrow. But I think Lowell summed it up best (emphasis is mine):
UPDATE: According to Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic, Tim Kaine will speak on Thursday night of the convention. Given that the running mate speaks Wednesday night, is this a sign that it's NOT Tim Kaine? My god, I'm so confused! (:
Yes, so are we all.

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