Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photos of Braddock District Victory Party

Sunday, November 23, the Braddock District Democrats held their victory party to celebrate their successes in the past election and also to prepare for a special election in Fairfax, which will be held in February 2009. That's the contest between Supervisors Sharon Bulova and Pat Herrity, who will compete for the position of Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Trust me, I'll have a lot to say about that special election in the coming months. Suffice to say, I'm supporting the candidate below, with whom I'm pictured. Note: Sharon Bulova is the pretty one with the dark hair on the right:)

Below is a phot of Ilryong Moon, Fairfax school board member. I took that photo with my new Canon Elph. It was my birthday gift from Dan. Although the photo above was also taken with the Elph, needless to say, I'm not the one who took it.

I also didn't take this picture of me with the new 11th CD Congressman, Gerrry Connolly. That was taken by Sharon Bulova. Kudos to Gerry, who exhibited incredibly class - he leaned over and whispered to me, "Good luck with the Yankees next year." I think he actually meant it. This is a long standing joke rivalry between us that goes back to 2004 in Boston when he cheered while his beloved Red Socks absolutely steamrollered to victory over my beloved team. Meanwhile, kudos to Gerry who played a major role in delivering the votes from the freshman class in Congress for Henry Waxman to become the new House Chair of the Energy Committee. Gerry hit the groud running and is already off to a great start in his new role representing the 11th CD in Congress.

Below is a shot I took of Janet Oleszek, who I hope runs again for the District 37 state Senate seat. Despite not winning last time, I think that with a smarter campaign team, better staff, and the experience she gained the last time, she'll win the next time. But whatever she decides to do, I'll support her decision.
Here's Dick Saslaw, Senator from the 35th district and state Senate Majority Leader.

Here's my long time friend Kathy Adams Nielson, who is Chap Petersen's Chief of Staff. She's also a long time Democratic activist who has worked for Mark Warner and Jim Moran. Kathy and her husband, Bruce Neilson, who serves as the treasurer of the Fairfax Country Democratic Committe, are among the best Democrats I know.

Last but not least, my beloved husband, Dan, who hates having pictures taken of him. Usually, he's the one on the other side of the lens. But he got me the camera that allowed me to get a shot at him.

There were many more photos. My profoundest apologies to any of you I missed. The truth is that it takes a long time to upload and I'm not all that experienced at either shooting photos or uploading them directly from a camera. These were random selections based on whose pictures I didn't mess up too badly.

Since my major suppliers for pictures before this were my husband, Dan, and George Burke, the good thing is that neither of them have to worry that my services as a photographer for Democratic events will displace them any time soon. On the other hand, I've seen how many missed meals and cold food photographers suffer as they shoot others and don't get to eat at the Jefferson Jackson and other dinner events. So, this is not necessarily a bad thing for me.

Oh and one thing I must add. All of us are thinner and look better than these pictures show. The camera adds at least 10 to 20 pounds and this Elph had to have added even more. I might, in the future, stick to photographing my teddy bears and couch.

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