Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ron Reagan Endorses Barack Obama

Briefly noted, the son of revered conservative icon, Ronald Reagan, Ron Reagan has endorsed Barack Obama. I don't follow the younger Mr. Reagan's career, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's more of a Democrat anyway, seeing as how his endorsement came on Air America, where he has a show. He also spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention, where he gave an impassioned speech in support of stem cell research. Both he and his mother Nancy, who remains a loyal Republican, support stem cell research.

Here's Ron Reagan's own words (h/t to Huffington Post.
I assumed most people already knew that I had supported Obama. Anyone who has spent five minutes listening to my program would have known that. But if it helped to make it official, I'm happy to make it so.
While I'd say that Ron Reagan has left his father's and mother's political views behind, other scions of conservatism, like Christopher Buckley, who also have endorsed Obama, have not. They simply consider Obama the better candidate in this particular race.


Mike said...

FYI - Ron Reagan has been supporting Democrats for years. He spoke at the 2004 DNC Convention.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

I did say that he spoke at the Democratic Convention in 04 - I heard him.

But I also said I hadn't followed his career. At that convention, he spoke with his mother's approval since both of them supported stem cell research.

I'm pretty sure Nancy is still a loyal Republican despite her disagreement on that issue. But I just didn't know whether Ron had actually declared himself a Democrat.