Thursday, April 16, 2009

Additions to the Blogroll

Updated: I just added two more sites. One of them, Dem Bones, I discovered through my friend Alan Zimmerman's recommendation. Aznew, who is a very fine blogger, himself, has not steered me wrong yet. Drew, who writes Dem Bones, describes himself as a "theological junkie" and a progressive Democrat. He reminds me a lot of me in that respect, but he's a more orthodox Christian (with a small "o" in orthodox). He seems to have something of a universalist bent. Anyway, if you are interested in the intersection of religion and politics with culture, it's a good site to visit.

The second site I put up is in the "Other Sites of Note" section and it's my friend Jim Southworth's Inside Scoop Productions. I think Jim, Mark Levine, George Burke, and Shannon Sullivan do an excellent job of bringing political topics from a progressive point of view to Northern Virginia local cable access television. So, go check their schedule.

A funny thing happened to me over in the comment section of Not Larry Sabato. I got mocked. And when I clicked on Anonymous Is A Vandal's name, guess where it took me?

Since I figure that I better keep an eye on this young wiseguy conservative from PWC, he's on my blogroll. That's because it made me laugh.

Also on the blogroll, on the lefty side, I just put up The Great Blue Heron, which I've been meaning to do for ages. It's a wonderful blog.

So, from two opposite sides and very opposite points of view, welcome to both of you.


Drew said...

Wow! Thank, you AWIW. I am humbled by your addition, as I have been a fan, however lurking, for over a year now.

My theologian friend describes me as a "Jesus Flavored Humanist," for what it's worth. :-)

Thank you again!

Anonymous is a Vandal said...

I also added You to my blogroll, I Love Democrats that have a sense of humor.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Well, we can have a lovefest then AIAV, because I feel the same about Republicans who make me laugh. And I think the competition makes us both better.

Drew, I just discovered your site and it's a privilege to have you on my blogroll. I love what you are doing.