Wednesday, April 01, 2009

AIAW Folds

Since Anonymous Is A Woman has quietly slipped out of town, it falls to me to write about the recent goings on at her blog. At her behest, I will tell you about these developments.

Having failed to solve the mystery of the angry spud and uncover his identity, AIAW has concluded that her investigative skills are simply not sharp enough for her to run a blog. She also is distraught that logic has failed her. So, she will now turn her attention to seeking great spiritual truths.

But this has actually been brewing for a long time. She has quietly been researching the hermit lifestyle and now vows to find a cave, preferably off the island of Patmos, where she will sit, vowing not to break her silence until she has found complete enlightenment (or has lost 35 pounds - whichever comes first) and has something new to say.

Meanwhile, here at home:




nova_middle_man said...

Here is mine

AnonymousisAMan (AIAM)

novamiddlewoman (NMW)


AnonymousIsAWoman said...

So, you are the one mocking me on NLS, NMW :)