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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gerry Connolly Defends Health Care Reform

There's a reason that Gerry Connolly was voted president of the freshman class in Congress. He faced the lions in the den at Fox New and ably disputed both their anchorwoman and Kansas Representative Lynn Jenkins, who was spinning misconceptions and outright falsehoods. Connolly stood his ground and defended healthcare reform and the public option despite the attempt of the Faux News "journalist" to cut him off in the middle of his rebuttal.


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Citizen Tom said...

Connolly is right about one thing. Republicans do hope the Health Care Bill is Obama's Waterloo.

Republicans are not honest? How thickheaded do you have to be? You really think we oppose President Obama and the Democratic Party just for the sake of opposing President Obama? Who has the time for such nonsense? What we don't like is the Democratic Party's agenda. It is socialism, and we know socialism does not work.

Whatever you want to call it (I suppose the latest nonsense buzzword is "progressive."), the Democratic Party has an agenda. If you concede Democrats do have an agenda, then why is it so hard to understand that we do not all have to be in favor of this agenda?

Democrats advertise themselves as agents of "change," but they don't even have the good sense to pilot test their supposedly wonderful "changes." In fact, the haste to pass huge bills with so many "changes" is unseemly and suspicious. What is the rush to pass a bill that will not get implemented until after the end of the next presidential election?

So try asking yourself this question. Is it possible that some people think the Democratic Party's notion of "change" might be bad for the country, that we do not want to be docile little guinea pigs in Obama's "change" laboratory? Well, it certainly describes my motives. If that is the case, then it only makes sense for those people to oppose Obama and hope he fails.