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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steve Shannon on Why He is Right for Virginia Attorney General's Office

Here is Steve Shannon in his own words on why he wants to be Virginia's attorney general and why he thinks he is going to win. What it comes down to is that he does not see the attorney general's job as a stepping stone to promotion of any social agenda, liberal or conservative. He sees it as a job protecting Virginians from lawbreakers, including Internet predators, payday lenders, gangs, and sexual predators who prey on children.

BTW, one disclaimer, the ads that run on this video simply were imported with the clip from YouTube. I derive no income from them, so if you click on any of the ads running on the video, most likely the revenue would go to either YouTube or the creator of the clip.


Keith said...

Steve Shannon in the video states that one can look at Ken Cuccinelli's website and see that Ken is running to promote a personal political (i.e. social) agenda. I did look at Ken's website and under the Issues tab on the menu I only found one issue in the eleven provided - Life and Family Issues - that Steve could consider a "social issue". All of the eleven are totally relevant to the office of Attorney General, although one should note that they are much broader in scope than merely the public safety issue that appears to be Steve's only campaign issue. This again raises the question if Steve really understands the job that he is applying for.

I attended the debate in Manassas last week and, again, I do not think Ken's public statements support Steve's assertion.

Ken is the rare politician who does not shy away from his principles when he runs for office. It is easy for Steve to say whatever he wants about Ken but the facts don't support what Steve is saying.

Foons said...

Although I started out leaning toward Steve, I am now going to vote for Ken. Ken has shown he actually wants the job. Far from bally-hooeing in favor of right wing causes (as I feared he would), Ken has shown that he can act quickly and decisively when presented with attorney generaly issues. Like what to do over lab tech/evidentiary issues in light of a recent Supreme Court case. Where was Steve? Not showing me he wants the job.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

There is an article on Ken Cuccinelli's ambition to promote a hard right, theocratic social agenda in today's Washington Post. I am not linking to it now because I will have more to say about this in a few days.

But if you truly believe that Cuccinelli is not pushing a social agenda, I would suggest that you go out and read more than just his website.

The Cooch is one of the more honest politicians about his social beliefs in an era where many of his fellow travelers are pretending to be social moderates. But he also isn't shouting them from the rooftops.