Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogroll Addition

I think the recent kerfuffle between the ODBA and Joe Stanley and Ben Tribbett has spiraled way out of control. And I contributed my fair share to the controversy because I was offended by some members of the ODBA for reviving the charges of anti-semitism pertaining to a cartoon spoofing Harris Miller during last June's primary between Miller and Webb.

But members of the ODBA were horrified to see their site redirected to a Website supporting pedophilia. I don't blame them one bit for that.

The truth is nobody looks good in this. I've more than explained the reasons for my ire on this site and two others. I'm done.

But on Daily Whackjob I received a gracious response from Kat of CatHouse Chat, whose site really is lovely. She seems like one of the most gracious people in the blogosphere. I think we all got hot under the collar. It's time to pull back and reassess the damage done by the hot heads (I fear I was one because the issue of anti-semitism is so painful to me that, yes, I overreact).

Anyway, as a gesture of good will, I'm putting Kat's blog up on my site. Diversity of opinion is important to me. So, even if I'm temporarily angry at somebody, I won't remove that person's site. But if somebody is kind to me and convinces me that they are a person of goodwill, no matter how much I disagree with them on political issues, they will be added.

So, Kat, welcome to my blogroll.


Kat said...

AIAW, thank you for the kind compliment, and I appreciate your linking me!

I've been one of the ones who's been quite passionate about this whole "NAMBLAgate" (giggle - always wanted to be able to do that ;-) ) issue, and I admit that I have used some very harsh language, but I have tried to direct it very specifically.

I have stayed away from the whole "anti-semitic cartoon" thing because I really don't know much about it. Since that was during the primaries - and the Democratic primaries, to boot! - I noticed the arguments going on, but I didn't pay them much attention.

So, since I really knew nothing about it, it didn't seem wise or productive for me to even refer to it. Plus, a lot of it seems to be how one person vs. another perceives the picture, and therefore is more a matter of opinion, rather than conviction.

Anyway, thanks again for the link (I've got you on my sidebar and in my RSS feedreader, too), and I hope that maybe we "wimmin folk" might encourage "the boys" to play fairly, huh? [rolls eyes while laughing at my cock-eyed optimism]


Best blessings, and may you have a wonderful week! I know *I* will:


AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Kat, it's an honor to be on your blogroll too.

I think we all need to step back on a high note. You may be right about us wimmin folk too.

Have a great and blessed week. And good luck to the munchkin in school. :)