Friday, August 31, 2007

Farewell John Warner

By now everybody who is watching the news, reading the blogs, listening to radio - in other words, just about anybody who is aware and alive and cares about such things in Virginia - knows that our senior senator, John Warner, has announced his retirement.

I don't need to do a round up. Probably every blog, Republican or Democratic, has done something on this.

Really, I just want to add my own profound thanks to John Warner for his many years of dedicated public service to Virginia and to the nation.

He was a man of great integrity, dedication and patriotism. Whether you agreed with him or not on every issue, it's hard not to respect him for his great honesty. He was truly a great American who stood up for his principles regardless of the consequence.

I look forward to the rest of his term, where he has pledged to continue working to bring the conflict in Iraq to an end and to work for the strength and security of our great nation. And I wish him the best of luck in his well-earned retirement after that term ends. But he will be sorely missed in the Senate.

Thank you, Senator John Warner

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