Saturday, September 13, 2008

And Furthermore, Sarah Palin Hates Wolves!

WARNING: SNARK ALERT! Because I just couldn't resist.

Ben has a video up of the McCain-Palin ad, where a pack of wolves circles in on Sarah Palin while a sarcastic woman's voice over accuses the Obama campaign of vowing to destroy Palin as Obama drops in the polls. Ben asks if the ad is racist. Actually it's not. The wolves represent a bunch of lawyers allegedly sent to Alaska by the Obama camp to vet Sarah Palin and dig up dirt on her. It's just nasty and a lie to boot (so, what's one more fib from a campaign that's staking its future on lies). As it turns out, the Obama campaign and the DNC have denied sending lawyers or anybody else to Alaska but the Republicans have, no doubt to finish the hasty vetting job the McCain campaign did when the presidential nominee made his whimsical decision to pick an unknown, untested, but charismatic small state governor to be his running mate.

But it appears that those wolves have more to fear from Palin than visa versa. H/t to Huffington Post.

Poor wolves! Bad Sarah!


Isophorone said...

I just knew you would fall for this one!

Sorry, you owe Sarah Palin and apology again. Alaska had a wolf-hunting ban on the ballot just this past August, and it lost by at least a 55-45 margin. (You can find all this information on the State of Alaska's web page.) In fact, Palin is upholding the law as passed by her State's Legislature and by the citizens of Alaska.

The issue that you ignore is that moose and caribou populations are needed for subsistence hunters, who are often parts of native tribes. Or would you rather have them starve? That's really, er, "liberal" of you!

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Point well taken and I'm actually not anti-hunting. I grew up in an area in upstate New York, which before it became suburbanized, had lots of hunters who did not do it for sport but to put food on their table. And I confess (horrible for a liberal) that I've probably eaten Bambi's mother - at least, I've eaten and enjoyed venison stew.

The ad was merely to mock the McCain-Palin ad depicting wolves circling around, implying that Palin was in danger of being destroyed by a pack of Democratic lawyers.

I said right at the top of the post "Snark alert" and referred in my lede that this was my response to the video Ben Tribbett had on NLS. It was a joke, not an anti-hunting diatribe from me. The implication was simply that Palin could take care of herself, at least against real wolves.