Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Campbell Brown Demands McCain Campaign "Free Sarah Palin"

Basically Campbell Brown has turned the tables on the McCain campaign and accused them of being the sexists by not trusting their VP candidate to handle the rough and tumble of media interviews and coverage. Indeed, as Brown cleverly points out, it's Sarah Palin who is getting special treatment. Specifically, she's being shielded like a hot house flower who would wilt under the withering treatment of reporters - you know, the exact same treatment that John McCain, himself; Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and even Hillary Clinton receive as candidates.

Campbell Brown calls upon the McCain campaign to free Sarah Palin and let her show her stuff. I agree!

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Catzmaw said...

Loved this one from Campbell Brown. She hits the McCain campaign right in the nose with this attack. Indeed, free Sarah Palin! Let her rise and fall on her own merits and stop protecting her from the big bad MSM!