Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin Not Ready For Primetime So McCain Seeks Debate Delay

Update II: Wonkette chimes in with this.
Here is a brilliant switcheroo! John McCain proposes delaying his debate if he has not singlehandedly resolved America’s financial crisis by tomorrow, so that way he and Barack Obama can debate next Thursday — the night when Sarah Palin and Joe Biden were set to debate. And then once they’ve rescheduled the Palin/Biden debate, John McCain can pull another crazy stunt — announcing his own daughter is fake pregnant, maybe, or firing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or refusing to appear in public in anything but a glittering leotard — and everyone will forget all about this Palin nut and how she withers under intense questioning by Katie freaking Couric. John McCain will personally bomb North Korea in an ancient fighter plane with a Muppet as his co-pilot before he allows Sarah Palin to debate anything besides a goldfish. A dead goldfish.

UPDATE: The Anonymous Liberal pretty much came to the same conclusion as me and does a brilliant job of explaining his line of reasoning. As he points out, Palin's statement that without the bailout this country is headed into another Great Depression might be true but was something no politician should have said publicly. It could become self-fulfilling prophecy and further panic skitterish markets. Also, it practically forces McCain into having to vote for the bailout package. And Palin also should have been better prepped about her running mate's record on the the Commerce Committee. Instead, we now have a sound byte from her where the take home message is that McCain did little to support any regulatory action that might have prevented the meltdown. All this would have received far more airplay had McCain not made a dramatic move to deflect attention from it. BTW, it appears Andrew Sullivan agrees with Anonymous Liberal's analyis.

The chattering class pretty much agrees that John McCain's decision to suspend his campaign and postpone the Friday night debate is a desperate political ploy because his poll numbers are falling and he is not prepared to debate the economy one to one with Barack Obama.

But I suspect the real reason for John McCain's grandstanding about suspending his campaign and postponing the debate has less to do with his own unreadiness or inability than with his running mate simply not being up to speed yet. It's actually her debate they are trying move off the radar. Let's face it, every time they take Sarah Palin even slightly outside the bubble and let her talk to a real journalist, she proves she's just not ready for prime time.

Even in her one on one with Katie Couric, in which Couric promised to eschew gotcha questions, Palin was not up to muster. Just watch.

Palin is perky, she's cute as a button, and about as dumb as one. She couldn't find one example of her running mate having supported any regulation of the financial markets in his 26 year career. Surely the reformer and well known maverick stood up to banking interests at least once or twice. But Palin wasn't even prepared to defend his record. So, the McCain campaign knows it can't let her go up against Joe Biden who is brilliant and a master debater.

ABC has confirmed that the McCain campaign is now suggesting that his debate with Barack Obama be moved to the October 2 time slot in which Palin and Biden were to go head to head. And the vice presidential debate would then be postponed to an unspecified time. I bet the McCain camp is hoping to get lucky and run the clock down without Palin ever having to meet Joe Biden.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and because of McCain's reckless judgment in picking this particular running mate, his campaign is pretty desperate now. The dominoes keep falling.

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