Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Latest Employee Free Choice Ad

My GOP readers have spoken. They are tired of Sarah/Bristol Palin all the time. And they're right. There are actually serious issues out there that need to be discussed. For the first time, I even missed discussing the plight of workers during Labor Day. Talk about distraction. So, for your viewing pleasure, here's the newest ad supporting the Employee Free Choice Act. It's from Americans' Rights at Work



Isophorone said...

So you are against secret ballot elections? How LIBERAL of you!

I hope Mark Warner and Gerry Connolly campaign LOUD and PROUD about it! Please encourage them to.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Iso, we actually agree on something. I too hope Warner and Connolly campaign proudly on this issue because every study shows that union workers enjoy higher wages and better benefits, including health insurance and pensions, than their non-union counterparts.

In a nation where working people and the middle class realize they are fast losing ground, there is renewed interest in union membership.

As for secret ballots - on the surface it seems what could be more fair? True. If large corporations didn't employ intimidation tactics, threats, and firings it would be ideal. But we live in the real world where union busting has become a lucrative career. And where workers' wages have stagnated, more people are uninsured, and unemployment is growing while the rich party on and take large bonuses and other perks, raiding their own corporations. Even small investors are growing disillusioned by the behavior of CEOs and top corporate honchos.

Really want to argue about the predictament of working people today versus the behavior of corporate CEOs?