Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Coming Soon - Maybe A Reason to Vote for Miller in The General Election

I'm not talking about in the primary. God no. I wouldn't do that. And I'm still on the fence about supporting him in the general election. But I believe there may be a compelling reason for us to rethink this. We are in striking distance of regaining a majority in both the House and Senate.

I would hate for it to come down to our losing out on being the majority in the Senate because we in Virginia had refused to unite behind a Democrat.

I am taking tomorrow off, but I'll discuss all the implications of regaining the majority and its importance on Friday night or Saturday morning.

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Info_Tech_Guy said...

Harris Miller exemplifies the increasingly held belief that Democrats and Republicans are indistinguishable in their servitude toward economic elites and corporations. One may attempt to find reasons in a more abstract "greater good" or "bigger picture" but the reality of what Miller is cannot be ignored. He is the enemy of middle class Americans and as Republican as the most fervent pro-outsourcing members of the Bush administration. For examply, how do Miller's views differ from those of Gregory Mankiw?