Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Miller is Gracious And A Loyal Democrat

Lowell, at Raising Kaine, posted this very gracious concession from Harris Miller. (You'll need to scroll down a bit to find it) It goes beyond the obligatory pledge of unity that the defeated candidate makes on election night.

I disagreed with Miller on one issue, but it was a major one. However, in the end, despite the hot rhetoric of the campaign, I had decided that I would get behind whoever won the Democratic primary. I posted my plea for unity at the end of my rather long endorsement of Jim Webb.

Despite the reservations I had at the time, about the outsourcing issue, I'm very, very glad I was working my way toward supporting unity regardless of who won. And the reason is that Miller has proven to be a class act.

A heartfelt Thank You Harris Miller.


Anonymous said...

Well said. We may set the record in Virginia for the fastest reconciliation in campaign history.

It is hard, very hard, to be gracious in defeat, and I have to agree with you that Miller is definitely a class act.

Anonymous said...

Miller supporters always knew Harris Miller was a class act. After all the bitterness that was inflicted it's going to take a while for this "unity" thing.