Friday, June 09, 2006

The First Actual Republican Endorsement of Jim Webb?

And maybe a harbinger of successes to come.

Vince Harris, of Too Conservative, in a post titled "If I Was A Democrat," gives this rousing endorsement of Jim Webb. He calls Harris Miller "the incarnation of a Northern Virginia liberal” who won’t be able to pick up the mantle of the Mark Warner centrists, and so will probably lose Southwest and the outer suburbs, even in Northern Virginia.

Webb, on the other hand, could pick up a cross over vote from moderate Republicans as well as Independents, both groups necessary for victory in a Virginia election

Here’s the money quote:

"James Webb gives the Democrats something to be proud of. He should also make every Allen supporter scared. Webb brings a wealth of experience to the table in various fields which Miller doesn’t closely comparing to. For those of you who haven’t met him, trust me….Webb has an edge to him. His positions on the war will win him support statewide, while his views on issues such as affirmatve action and gun’s will help him in Southside and the Valley"

Good job Vince and thanks!


Jack Rich said...

You wrote "Webb, on the other hand, could pick up a cross over vote from moderate Republicans..."

I'm a conservative Republican and plan on voting for Webb in the primary.

The reason has to do with good governance: Jim Webb will be the stronger candidate to run against Allen, and his nomination will strengthen the two-party system.

Right now, to me, Democrats are represented by Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi who are simply negative (when they're not making fools of themselves).

Allen would beat Miller with both hands tied behind his back. Against Webb he'll have to fight. This is a good thing; no one should be handed the gift of a Senate seat.

Advice to Democrats: stop whining about George Bush and get some good men, like Jim Webb (and Mark Warner).

Then we can have some real political dialogue, and who knows, perhaps hold politicians from both parties accountable.

Info_Tech_Guy said...

AIAW: Keep in mind that the old line conservatives -- even some of those who define themselves as "conservative Republicans" may well vote for Jim Webb. Crazy to imagine? I don't think so. Remember the article by Jim Antle in The American Conservative magazine? (I posted about it on TMP.) That magazine has a "paleo-con" or "Old Right" readership -- people who think offshore outsourcing, free trade and imperial wars are dangerous. This readership dislikes neo-cons and some have publicly made common cause with the Left on Iraq. I don't know how many voters with these views are out there but it isn't at all inconceivable that they might vote for Jim Webb.

Howling Latina said...

You know, even before the quasi-endorsement from Too Conservative, I kinna enjoyed his blog the best out of all the Republican blogs.

Thoughtful, without the shrill.

Kinna glad Virginia Political Blog hooked me up; otherwise, I doubt I would have ever visited his site.

Anonymous said...

I urge every Webb supporter and every Democrat to take a look at the comparison between the Webb-authorized cartoon of Harris Miller and the reproductions of the old Nazi cartoons unearthed by Stafford Pundit at

The depiction of Miller is just like the Jew depicted in the Nazi cartoon from the pre-World War II era. The depiction of Webb also bears an incredible likeness to the Nazi hero in the cartoon.

This is hideous and very damning.

Not only does it show some premeditation on the part of the Webb campaign, but it shows that the cartoonist was a plagerizer.

It appears that the cartoonist may be the Franklin County Democratic Chairman. If so, this guy should resign immediately. He has done a disservice to Miller, to Webb, and he has burned a black mark (or should I saw a Jewish star) on the reputation of the Democratic Party.

Now don't just flame me. Look at and tell me if you don't think the likenesses are uncanny.

It looks like WebbMan, the cartoon super hero in the controversial Webb campaign flyer, is now been revealed to be NaziMan from the 1930s Third Reich cartoons.

God Help Us. How could the Webb campaign be so callous or so blind to this?

As a Democrat, I am embarrassed to be associated with the Webb campaign or the Franklin County Democratic Chairman, if he indeed penned this cartoon.

Only the Webb campaign knows for sure and after this revelation that conclusively ties the Webb cartoon to similar images in Nazi propaganda, anything they say about it will fall onto deaf ears.

What a shame...

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thank you to the conservative Republicans who want a good race and a real dialogue. I agree. Nobody should be handed a cheap, easy victory in an election. Our two party election system is too important not to have true competition. Bravo for recognizing this.

As to anonymous, I think your charge that the Webb campaign's cartoon was anti-semitic is shrill, hysterical, and desperate. I also don't think this charge comes from the Miller campaign but from hyper-zealous supporters who don't know where to draw the line in their zeal.

The cartoon looks like Miller. The old Nazi propaganda was not a likeness of a particular person, but a template. A stereotype of "Everyman" or, in this case, "Everyjew." It was an ugly stereotype designed to malign an entire people.

The Miller cartoon was a parody of a particular individual. He was easily identified as Harris Miller. Parody is a long established art within political cartooning.

Doonsbury has done parodies of Clinton, Gore, Bush, and even the late Hunter Thompson. The only reason the anti-semitic charge has been brought up in this particular case is because Miller actually looks Jewish.

I'm Jewish. I like Harris Miller's looks. And I recognize that the cartoonist was just poking fun at him. This is a non issue. And it's not put out by Miller's actual campaign.

Please get out and vote. Vote on the real issues.