Sunday, June 04, 2006

Webb-Peterson-Byrne Old School Barbecue

I just returned from the Old School Barbecue for Jim Webb, held at Chap Peterson's parents' home in Fairfax City. Lowell Feld, at Raising Kaine, has an excellent, in depth report on it. Since I don't believe in repeating what somebody else has already done a great job of reporting, just go over to Raising Kaine for the details.

My perception of Webb is that he continues to be impressive. His speech covered all the bases, including ensuring America's national security, fighting terrorism effectively, finding an effective exit strategy for Iraq, and making sure that we keep well paying jobs in America. After the speeches, when Too Conservative's Vince Harrris questioned Webb about his positions on gay marriage and Roe v Wade, Webb was unequivocal in supporting abortion rights and civil unions. He knew he was speaking to a blogger who didn't agree with him. But he didn't even try to say what he thought Vince wanted to hear. He said straight out what he truly believed.

Webb said that he always supported Roe v. Wade. On civil unions here's a Webb quote (warning, it's not exact because I wasn't taking notes but it's pretty accurate). "I know what religion says about marriage between a man and a woman. I'm a Christian too. But this is a political issue not a religious one. The issue is that the state should not be involved in deciding domestic contracts between individuals."

It's a simple separation of church and state issue. I don't want to put words in Webb's mouth. The following is simply my take on the issue and what I think Webb was getting at. Far be it from anybody to tell any religion or denomination who they should bless with the sanctity of the marriage sacrament. Especially, if it's not my denomination, it's not by business.

But the area of property rights and contracts is the state's business. And the state should not be dictating who may or may not be able to enter into contracts about shared property, medical consent, and other domestic property rights solely based on sexual orientation. That is not the state's business.

Anyway, I admired Webb's forthright expression of his beliefs.

I also have tremendous admiration for both Chap Peterson and Leslie Byrne, who put last year's campaign behind them to unite behind Webb. As both Chap and Leslie pointed out, they showed Virginia how to conduct a primary, differ over issues, fight a hard and fair fight, and still be able to unite afterwards. They were able to do this because they kept it fair, honest and clean. They should be commended.

It was also fun to meet fellow bloggers, Republitarian and Mrs. Republitarian, Too Conservative, and James Martin, of the Virginia Progessive. It was also great to see Not Larry Sabato, an old friend who's done a lot to help promote my blog. And best of all was meeting Raising Kaine's Lowell, whose encouragement was what kept me blogging when I was having computer troubles and almost threw in the towel (he didn't know that part).

Also if you go over to Raising Kaine, there are a bunch of pictures of Webb, Byrne and Peterson, and the last picture is the passel of bloggers. I'm front and center in it - the one with the short blond bob, blue jeans and a wine colored shirt. One look at the photo convinced me it's definitely time to sign up with Weight Watchers before the summer hits officially.


Lowell said...

Great writeup. Now, for a REALLY important question, is it "passel" or "passle?" :) I'm puzzled...

Not Larry Sabato said...

Between Anonymous is a Woman and Anonymous is a Man, this party was rockin!

republitarian said...

Vince was not there...I think you meant me.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Republitarian, I believe Vince was there, and was the one ahead of me speaking to Jim Webb. Of course, I'm easily confused. But NLS might be able to clarify it.

I know I didn't get you two confused, Myron, because you and Mrs. Republitarian are the ones I sat down with and we all ate together. After you went off to mingle, she and I exchanged fashion tips on the best ways to wear a burqa - so important when one needs to remain anonymous during those rare, chaperoned outings.

Lowell, I certainly wouldn't want to appear to be a pedantic, smart-assed know it all, but in fact, according to my office dictionary, the American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Houghton-Mifflin, printed 2000, 1997 and 1993, it is "passel" and it means "a large quantity..."

And NLS, thank you for calling Dan Anonymous is a Man. Some have tried to refer to him as Mr. Anonymous Is A Woman. Somehow that doesn't work for me. Although, I've been "Dan Duncan's wife" for so long that turn around does seem like fair play.

It was great fun meeting all of you.

Not Larry Sabato said...

Yes, Vince was there.

AIAW- Off topic, I was thinking today about your feedback on my Feder post. It reminded me of the 2005 JJ dinner when a well dressed woman swept you off your feet, and you talked to her all night long, and wouldn't talk to me. hahaha. Do you remember that?

Republitarian's Wife said...

Yes, Republitarian, Vince was there. I did catch a glimps of him through my burka.

I also noticed that Republitarian and NGB have matching eyebrows.

republitarian said...

Vince told me and Ben that he wasn't there, right before he was introduced to the stalinist wench, Leslie Byrne.(Vince's words, not mine.

I know he was there. Vince's employer probably doesn't read this blog...

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

NLS, I can barely remember yesterday let alone the JJ in 05. But I can't believe somebody kept me from talking to you for an entire evening.

On the other hand, if she was well dressed - fashionista that I am - yes, perhaps it was possible that I had to exchange fashion tips with her.

If so, I apologize if I ignored you.

Too Conservative said...

Thanks for talking about me guys.

AIAW-thanks for the comments.

I added you to the blogroll.

Info_Tech_Guy said...

Chap Peterson and Leslie Byrne have integrity. Policy differences are honest -- they did not arise from histories of cynical manipulation and self-enrichment.

Harris Miller isn't just on the "other side" of some issues. He became rich by helping to defraud and abuse American high tech and white collar workers. His professional career is a fraud wrapped in lies.

While it's possible to hold different positions on economy, trade and offshore outsourcing, Miller's personal history epitomises the deceitful, manipulative and utterly despicable manner in which pro-"fee trade" offshore outsourcing business interests have moved jobs offshore while carrying out a propaganda campaign to conceal their activities and the true costs of these policies.

It's not that Harris Miller and Jim Webb have honest disagreements as Chap and Leslie do; it's the fact that Miller is so lacking in personal integrity as to be a caricature of both a lobbyist and a politician.

One may disagree with Jim Webb but he is, at his core, a person with the sort of integrity we see in Chap and Leslie. These are the sort of people with which we are proud to associate. Harris Miller is not cut from the same cloth.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Thank you Too Conservative. I saw and I'm honored to be on your blogroll. I'm going to add you and Republitarian over the weekend, which is when I usually do that sort of thing. Gives me time to test links and make sure the page looks right.

I really like your blog and I'm excited to be able to link to those with very different opinions from mine. Makes it all more interesting and fun.