Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conspiracy Theories and Cuccinelli

H/t to Too Conservative for this:

Seriously, I think Ken might be on to something with this. After all, I didn't have a Social Security number when I was two. Now, that might be because back then dinosaurs still roamed and we personally talked to them every day (damned those evolutionists who don't believe in young earth theories). And, of course, we did have to make sure those commies that had infiltrated the U.S. Government even back then weren't tracking us. Thank God for Joe McCarthy!

Ok, just kidding. I like Ken, personally, but, yeah, this sure doesn't help his cause, even among Republicans, and that's pretty scary because they have pretty much purged most of their moderates. So if even the extremist still left are worried about how this sounds, they've got worse problems than I thought.


Anonymous said...

And here's another brilliant one from Cuccinelli. He claims that he can't guarantee he'll defend every law in Virginia.


DanielK said...

Well, if there are any hard feelings between the supporters of the Governor candidates then I think this shows why we all need to rally around Steve Shannon as our next Attorney General!! Hopefully, the national party doesn't focus on their financial resources and everything else on the Governor's race and ignore this one because the last thing Virginia needs in The Cooch as our Attorney General. I don't think I need to go into detail as to why.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

DanielK, you are right, especially when you consider that the AG's position has been considered a traditional stepping stone to the governor's mansion as often as the LT Governor's spot has been.

To wit, Bob McDonnell was our last AG. Do you really want the Cooch to be in striking distance of being governor?