Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leslie Byrne's Endorsement of Creigh Deeds - Update

Bryan Scrafford, who has been doing an amazing job of covering the various campaigns around Northern Virginia, with both solid reporting and great video, was at Leslie Byrne's endorsement of Creigh Deeds, just an hour ago at the Old Courthouse in Fairfax City.

First, the video:

Below is also some of Bryan's rundown of Leslie's reasons for her endorsement:
  • *Creigh and Leslie have worked together since 1995 when they were in the House of Delegates together. They later served in the Senate together and Leslie was proud to be on the statewide ticket with Creigh in 2005 as she ran for Lt. Governor and he ran for Attorney General.

    *Leslie said that you really get to know someone when you’re on the trail with them and Creigh’s “not a creation by consultants. He’s authentic.”

    *Leslie said that “no other candidate is better prepared” to take on the responsibility of the Governor’s office.

    *Leslie Byrne is known as a progressive candidate and in regards to Creigh’s progressive qualities she pointed outh that he has a 100% pro choice voting record, has done a lot for the environment, earned a 93% ranking for the teachers which is higher than any other gubernatorial candidate has scored, and it’s clear that he’s going to make transportation a priority.
  • For more, go visit Left of the Hill.


    DanielK said...

    Coupling this with the Washington Post endorsement I don't think anyone could have imagined that the Deeds campaign would have this strong support coming from Northern Virginia at this point in the election. It is definitely coming at just the right time they just have to make sure they get the message out to voters who may not pay attention to the internet where a lot of this is getting coverage!

    I don't know how strong the Deeds campaign team was expecting to do in NoVa but I wouldn't be surprised if they make a stronger showing on June 9th than they originally predicted. I regards to "balance" I'm not sure how that will effect Terry in NoVa because if it comes down to Terry and Creigh those voters who are undecided or leaning Moran going to Creigh may help counter the huge lead Terry has in Hampton Roads. Any increased votes for Creigh will be taken at this point given that is where he has devoted the little of his resources.

    AnonymousIsAWoman said...

    I think you are right. This looks like a last minute surge in Creigh's direction, which can only benefit him. How accurate the perception is remains to be seen, but it sure looks good.

    The other thing to remember is that Creigh's campaign manager is no stranger to the NoVa area. Joe Abbey ran Chap Petersen's campaign. He also was the deputy manager for Mark Warner's campaign. So Abbey is familiar with how to run a successful statewide race, and he knows the terrain in Northern Virginia.

    Oh, and did I mention that he hasn't lost a race in Virginia, yet?

    DanielK said...

    Well, I seriously doubt that anyone can criticize the way Joe Abbey has ran the campaign thus far and to be honest if he can beat Terry McAuliffe on June 9th then he'll have an easier time against B-Mac. Joe has been VERY VERY smart with his money thus far and I wouldn't be surprised if Creigh does stronger in NoVa than anyone else expected. Heck, for all we know they have been managing their money so well they might even pop up on local TV here the final weekend prior to election day. (Wouldn't that take everyone by surprise) I'm just a volunteer but I can always hope right. It's been ran as flawlessly as possible and this is coming from newly proclaimed Terry support Ben.

    No one will even acknowledge the fact that Creigh can finish second in NoVa (Obviously) but if he does stronger than expected then that may be what is needed to get them over the top. Joe will know the way to get every possible vote available in NoVa.

    AnonymousIsAWoman said...

    I think you are right that Joe Abbey has run a very smart campaign and been a good steward of their resources.

    Also, despite Ben's support for Terry, I know he likes and respects Joe a lot. Most of us do. I've never heard a bad word about Joe, even from the Angry Potato :)